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Appearance Black Liquid
Odor Mild Sulfurous
Sulfur Content,%wt 6.0 - 8.0
Specific Gravity 0.950
Density,lbs/gal 7.9
Flash Point Foams at 110℃
Fire Point,℃(℉) > 150 (300)
Kinematic Viscosity@40℃,cSt 50 - 250


FUNCTIONAL WA-24 is used with a tackifier such as FUNCTIONAL V-178 or V-188 to prepare way lubes such as those specified by CINCINNATI MILACRON Specification P-47 or P-50. Like way lubes made from other additive packages, FUNCTIONAL WA-24 provides extreme pressure protection, prevents stick-slip and protects against corrosion of both ferrous and copper alloys. Unlike the others however, those made from FUNCTIONAL WA-24 are unusually resistant to removal by the detergency of the synthetic coolants and soluble oils present in a way lube environment. Unlike other way lubes, those made from FUNCTIONAL WA-24 resist emulsification in coolants, and are easily skimmed to permit coolant reuse.

FUNCTIONAL WA-24 is a combination of extreme-pressure additives, friction modifiers and corrosion inhibitors carefully selected for their resistance to alkalinity. Combined with a tackifier, it will provide all the necessary additive components for a way lubricant. FUNCTIONAL WA-24 is free of zinc dithiophosphates or other zinc compounds.

Safe handling precautions are the same as those to be taken with petroleum-based lubricants; review the current Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Exposure to moisture during storage may cause a slight “skin” to appear. The skin does not interfere with solubility or use, but nevertheless we recommend prevention by storage of open drums under tightly sealed dry conditions. The finished way lube does not skin.


Applications Suggested Treat Rates, %wt
The Cincinnati Milacron P-47 Type 2

Standard Packaging

Net Weight/Gross Weight, kg 200.0 / 217.0