SmartLub S9010
Stamping Package
Boundary Lubricating Additives



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Appearance Clear Pale Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity@25℃ 0.800 - 0.900
Viscosity@40℃, cSt < 15
Acid Value, mgKOH/g < 15
Flash Point C.O.C., ℃ > 100


SMARTLUB S9010 is a stamping oil/vanishing oil package. It exhibits better cleaning, lubricity and anti-rust properties than conventional additives.

SMARTLUB S9010 provides excellent lubricity and wetting characteristics to improve the performance and surface finishing of the workpieces. It also features superior anti-rust property for in-process protection. Moreover, it leaves few residue after operation, so is specially used for stamping and punching operations on copper, aluminum, non-ferrous materials, silicon steel sheets and galvanized sheets.

SMARTLUB S9010 contains no petroleum oil, yet is oil soluble. It can be formulated with different grades of vanishing oils using mineral spirits of different flash points.

SMARTLUB S9010 is not a true extreme pressure additive, but it is compatible with chlorinated, sulfurized, and phosphorus containing additives.

SMARTLUB S9010 can be used in soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids.


Applications Suggested Treat Rates, %wt
Light Duty Stamping and Forming 1 - 3
Grinding And Honing 3 - 5
General Cutting 5 - 10
General Cutting 5 - 10

Standard Packaging

Net Weight/Gross Weight, kg 170.0 / 180.0