FoamQuer 8617
Concentrate & Tankside Additive
High Performance Water-Based Defoamers


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Appearance Milky White To Light Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity@25℃ 0.950 - 1.050
Viscosity@25℃, cp 600 - 2000
Non-Volatile Content, % > 70
pH Value (50% Water Dilution) 7.0 - 9.0


FOAMQUER 8617 is a compound of modified-siloxane emulsion containing highly concentrated components with optimal hydrophobic and hydrophilic balance; which accomodates the otherwise contradicting targets of the defoaming performance and system compatibility. The product is suitable for various industrial fluids such as cleaners, cutting fluids, and for the application in paint spray booths.

FOAMQUER 8617 possesses low surface tension with high spreading coefficient; and appropriate droplets size to rupture foam cell lamellas; which results in fast foam collapses.

FOAMQUER 8617 is significantly cost-effective when compared to traditional PDMS-based or siloxane polyether-based defoamers. Apart from the fast foam knock-down characteristic, it possesses good washing property against the wetting defects of craters or fisheyes formation on the surface of the workpiece, so it is suitable for secondary processing like paint spray. By virtue of its unique molecular structure, the product is readily dispersible in water dilutable systems to maintain a clear system. It is not prone to self-agglomeration during usage and storage, so can ensure the passage in the system pipes.

FOAMQUER 8617 can be used in systems with pH higher than 12, and also with good performance in high-shear machining conditions.

FOAMQUER 8617 can also be used as tankside additive in water dilutable systems.

Recommended Starting Dosage Level

The recommended dosage range is 0.05 - 0.2% (500 - 2000ppm). However, the optimal dosage depends on system formulation. For tank-side addition, recommended starting dosage is 0.005% (50 ppm).

Storage and Use Condition

  • Always mix thoroughly before use, as phase separation will occur after long storage time;
  • Storage under normal temperature up to 60℃;
  • Should be placed in closed container within shaded and ventilated area; do not expose to direct sunlight, and away from heat sources.

Standard Packaging

Net Weight/Gross Weight, kg 222.0 / 232.0