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SMART OIL PRODUCT: Water-Based EP Additeves
Brands Chemistry Product Features Typical Properties
SGViscosity@40℃, cSt pH Value (5% Water Dilution)
SmartSul W4770Sulfurized AdditiveContains no active sulfur; will not stain copper. With slight amine smell. Can dissolve in water at all proportions. Alkaline resistent. Can be used in soluble oils, semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic formulations. Can elevate heavy duty performance. More superior performance can be attained when combined with lubricating additives or chlorinated fats.1.050 - 1.45060 - 809.0 - 11.0
SmartSul W4772Sulfurized AdditiveWater miscible, light color and low odor polysulfide compound. Product is not lubricity/anti-wear agent, but have synergistic effect when blended with the oiliness or anti-wear additives such Smart Base AW2185. Suitable for use in formulatiions the soluble oil, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids.1.200 - 1.400< 57.0 - 9.0
SmartPhos W5880Phosphate AdditiveColorless, odorless, easily soluble in water;low treat rate. Can provides lubricating and antiwear properties. For use in soluble oil, semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic formulations. Can effectively protect cutting tools and enhance surface finishing of workpieces. Also suitable for use in formulations of stamping and drawing oils.1.150 - 1.300500 - 7001.0 - 3.0
SmartPhos W5882Phosphate Ester PackagePhosphorus containing package that can boost the boundary lubricity and extreme pressure characteristics in water-based coolant. Designed for use in soluble oil, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic formulations, which is suitable for the machining for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Can be used as tank side additive that can improve the product finishing and reduce the smoke evolved at the points of metal contacts during machining. Exhibits synergistic effect when it is used together with other lubricity boosters such as SMARTFORT LB6220 or SMARTFORT LB6230, which can obviously boost the anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. The mixture is especially good for stamping and drawing applications. Is a fully-formulated product that can be used as stamping drawing coolants after being inverted dilution with water (water was poured into SMARTPHOS W5882) .1.000 - 1.100200 - 4007.0 - 8.5