Smart Oil follows a people-oriented concept, putting employees as the foundation of company. To cope with company development, Smart Oil sticks to a sustained approach to seriously recruit talents that are honest and reliable, with pragmatic practice style, and willing to use Smart Oil as the platform for personal development. At this stage, Smart Oil needs members of the below listed positions. Interested persons must be enthusiastic, forward-looking and willing to be totally devoted to work with, and grow with Smart Oil. In general, we require academic qualification of post-secondary level or above, with creative mind, and can face new things and challenges. Candidates should have good communication skills, and can solve problems independently, also being hard-working, with tough mind, and group spirit.

** Posted on Sept., 2022. ** Submission

(I) Customer Service Assistant (Workplace: Shengzhen)

Job Responsibilities Requirements & Qualifications
  1. Main job is telephone order taking; receive routine incoming calls from customers, handle order and arrange delivery;
  2. Trace order progress, with timely feedback to customers, assist in handling complaints from customers;
  3. Record the issues in customer communication, contribute to the perfection of customer service databases;
  4. Assist in collecting and updating market environments, competitor's situation, and their product information.
  1. Post-secondaary and above, ehglish CET 4 or above;
  2. Good communication capability, with creativity, can solve problems;
  3. hard-working, strong-independent.

(II) Customer Service Engineer (Workplace: Shanghai / Shengzhen)

Job Responsibilities Requirements & Qualifications
  1. Maintain old customers, collect, compile and provide feedback of market data and customer information;
  2. Explore new customers, implement company's sales policies, elevate sales volume and handle matters about customer complaints;
  3. Handle daily incoming calls from customers, follow-up and revert customer messages timely;
  4. Analyse development trends fo the industry, sales statistics compiling and reporting;
  5. Look into and satisfy customer needs, provide timely services and professional solution suggestions.
  1. Chemistry related profession, post-secondary qualification, English CET 4 or above:
  2. Good communication capability, can think patiently, strong judgement and analytical capability;
  3. Fond of sales job, hard-working, can travel for business, highly independent, can handle pressure;
  4. Preference will be given to those with working experience in MWF additives/lubricating additives.

(III) Marketing Assistant / Marketing Executive (Workplace: Shengzhen / Yingde)

Job Responsibilities Requirements & Qualifications
  1. Handling and setting various company rules and regulations, fulfil the company's ISO requirements;
  2. Assist in handling logistic, packaging drums/pails, samples, labels, etc., regarding product delivery;
  3. Identify and analyse market development trends, including macro-environments, customers and competitors situations, and strength-weakness analysis of our company;
  4. Establish effective customer service systems, including customer complaint mechanism, identify needs for customer satisfaction;
  5. Write and maintain website and other systems, publish product brochure, exhibition arrangement and handling;
  6. Explore contemporary channels of social marketing on aspects of management, strategy, and technologies;
  7. Independently handle individual development projects, including product management, distributorship strategies, overseas market exploration projects, etc.
  1. Bachelor or above academic qualification;
  2. High proficiency Chines and English writing capabilities, English CET 6 or above is preferred;
  3. Strong analytical power, can effectively communicate with other people;
  4. Hard-working, strong-independent, can work and solve problems under pressure;
  5. With creative mind and ready to receive something new;
  6. With ambition or personal goals, can gain sustained self-improvement in working;
  7. Preference will be given to those with following skills: Website design, graphics, coding, with knowledge of metal working fluids or lubricating additives.

(IV) Laboratory Technician (Workplace: Yingde)

Job Responsibilities Requirements & Qualifications
  1. Resposible for testing/valuating products to/from the factory, writing reports.
  2. Handling routine jobs related to the laboratory;
  3. Daily maintenance of equipment in the laboratory;
  4. Maintain quality assurance systems of the company;
  5. Assist in product optimizations by R&D engineers.
  1. Chemistry related profession, with bachelor or higher degree;
  2. English CET 4 or above;
  3. Concrete chemistry foundation and hands-on capability;
  4. Familiar with routine chemistry analyses and general laboratory operations;
  5. Hard-working, pragmatic, with responsibility;
  6. Preference will be given to those with one year working experience in laboratory.

☆☆☆ Welfares and Others ☆☆☆

  1. 2-month probation period, then salary will be adjusted based on performance, alternative long, short week work;
  2. Separately provide meals and lodging subsidies;
  3. Year-end bonus based on company business result and individual work performance;
  4. Provide five insurances and one housing fund
  5. Enjoy statutory holidays, including annual leave, marriage leave and other paid holidays.