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Smart Oil & Chemical Ltd. (Hong Kong, China) -- Profile

Establishment of Total MWF Product Lines

For the past twenty years, Smart Oil has been boosted by customers and market needs to develop and source value-for-money products besides our Big Name Supplies. We have continuously devoted to explore product sources and technical advancement. Nowadays Smart Oil has maintained a series of mature and comprehensive upstream products to meet customer needs; and gradually leading to a genuine supermarket choice for MWF additives.

Let Customers Focus on Sales

Smart Oil products include packages and components. Some of them are derived from the raw materials from our Big Name supplies. Market-oriented customers can choose various grades of products based on their needs, so as to save their costs of formulation research, and easily explore and penetrate their target market using their own brand names. The packages supplied by Smart Oil can also extensively lower the burden of production control, let customers focus on their professional sales networks and business relationship.

Total Additives Achievement based on Technologies and Supply Networks

Smart Oil additives have wide coverage. Based on years of hands-on market experience, Smart Oil has cumulated comprehensive formulations and production technologies. We have attained wide recognition and established good business relationship with manufacturers and suppliers from various parts of the world. Our products are the results of 20-odd years hands-on experience and deep knowledge about the needs of our customers.

Additive Products Keep Pace with Market Competition

Smart additive products can help to maintain competitive edges of customers. We keep pace with the peculiarities and ever-changing requirements of China market, with vivid and responsive strategies; so can effectively update our product mix frequently. Only by this way can our customers maintain sustained edges in this ever-changing competitive market. With the assistance and honorable services from Smart Oil, our customers can surely leave their competition far behind, and share the glorious business fruits with Smart Oil.