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NuPro Industries Corp. (US)

Global Supply of Natural & Synthetic Esters

Nupro Industries Corporation is a chemical company specialized in natural and synthetic esters. It has two subsidiary companies Neatsfoot Oil Refineries Corporation (NFO) and Advance Technologies, LLC (AT), headquartered in Pennsylvania, US.

Nupro products are used worldwide in five major industries; namely pharmaceutical, metalworking, textile, steel and aluminum rolling and leather; others include carbon paper and ribbon manufacturing, inks and coatings, soaps and cosmetic waxes, and grease-making.

Approaching 1/2 Centuries Old

Since 1873, Neatsfoot has been supplying finest animal oil products worldwide. In 2001, Neatsfoot established Advance Technologies as service company; which started manufacturing specialty synthetic oleo-esters from polyols using long-chained fatty acids, derived from animal triglycerides.

Guaranteed Production Goals

Nupro is proud to have been servicing the market for more than one century; which is attributed to the predictable and consistently highly quality products provided to customers, with excellent on-time deliveries.