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Taminco Plant

Eastman Chemical Co. (US)

Specialized for Alkylamine Derivatives

Eastman acquired Taminco in late 2014. Taminco is the world’s only globally active specialist producer of alkylamines that is integrated into the production of a broad range of alkylamine derivatives.

About Amines ...

Amines are organic compounds produced through the reaction of an alcohol (such as methanol or a higher chain alcohol (C1~C6)) with ammonia. The immediate results of these processes are methylamines and higher alkylamines, which can then be reacted with other chemicals to produce alkylamine derivatives.

Alkyllamines and their derivatives are key elements in a broad array of chemical products that have a wide range of applications in industrial, consumer, pharmaceutical and agricultural end‑use segments. The range of uses to which our products are put is expanding, and demand for the majority of them is growing.

Global Production

Taminco has eight production plants worldwide dedicated to the production of alkylamines and alkylamine derivatives, comprising two large facilities in each of Europe and the United States, and smaller facilities in China and Brazil.