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Dover Building

Dover Chemical Corp. (US)

About Dover/Mayco ...

The whole series of MWF additives started with Mayco since 1949. At those early days, Mayco had become the foremost manufacturer of extreme pressure and lubricity additives for industrial and metalworking lubricant formulations. Mayco additives were used worldwide by blenders and compounders of specialty lubricants and major oil companies in the formulation of a variety of cutting oils, soluble oils, synthetic and semisynthetic coolants.

The Dover Group - Consolidation of The Tops

Dover Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of New York-based ICC Industries Inc., acquired Mayco Oil in 2002. Then, the company acquired another leading company, Keil Chemical, for the MWF additive industry in the next year. The merge, together with the capacity of ICC Dover for raw material supplies such as chlorinated paraffins, had led to the vertical integration for sourcing and manufacturing of the additives and packages for the MWF industry.

Worldwide Network to Meet Customer Needs

Through a network that spans the globe, Dover/Mayco products are available virtually everywhere. In the United States, Canada and Mexico, a nationwide network of highly-qualified professional sales engineers, agents and distributors represent Dover/Mayco products. Internationally, there are Dover/Mayco sales agents in Europe, China, Far East, Middle East, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Leading Edge Technology

Experience and knowledge, coupled with sophisticated testing equipment, allows Dover not only efficiently develop new additives, but also test them extensively, thus providing customers with a high degree of confidence in successful trials at customer's location.

Not only do Dover people extensively test their new additives developed by their Research and Development group, but they also offer, through their Technical Service, performance evaluations of customer's products through a variety of testing methods.

Total Quality Management

Dover's mission is to produce world class products and services that will fulfill customer needs. These are accomplished through a combination of Dover's knowledgeable staff and leading edge technologies. Dover focuses on continuous improvement to enhance its responsiveness, productivity of products and services, and customer's satisfaction.